'If i stay' after words

Ever thought of living a day without your family? Friends? It’s just like they disappeared into thin air.

When I was a kid, I used to think of life without my daddy. The man I first loved and the man I first hugged. When that thought comes into my mind, I would always think that I’d throw a little tantrum and regret not saying ‘i love you’ to him when he was alive. I stoppee those thoughts from coming into my head again.

I realized that time really is special. It’s like the core of the earth, it’s so that important and fragile. We just don’t notice how special it is because we waste our time doing useless things.

Think about it this way, your in love with a person so much. That when you let go, you think that they’ll disappeare so you’ll just hold them tighter in your arms. But when you had a fight about small things and one just walks away and drives out of anger and just hit a car then went to a straight coma. What will you do?

When they’re laying there, alive but motionless. Is that the time when you say your sorry and realize that the fight you guys had was so small and not really important that it led to one person being in an accident and a coma.

What I’m saying is, don’t waste time arguing over tha smallest things. Don’t wast time doing nothing. Life is too short to do nothing so wht wastw it while you could make the best memories a human being can make.

Those are my words of wosdom and encouragement. Live a little, my little tomato heads. *chuckle*



I honestly expected, wait, no, wished for my blogs to be famous and I’d have to be the mysterious girl who blogs but noooo. I guess it’s true when people say ‘Always expect the opposite of what you wish’.

I’m still hoping though that my blogs will get noticed. I want my blogs to be humorous and I want teenagers, not only females, but men aswell, to read them and say ‘Wow, this girl has humour and can say stuff we all can relate to.’ But all I’m having is false hope.

Guess this is what I get for expecting things that ain’t comming true. Expect the unexpected, my little ones. And goodnight ;)


Okay? Okay.

Okay… I have a new addiction and it’s called ‘Reading’. I know, ladies and gents, the great ‘thewhat-ifs’ loves to read. So I decided to take a break for this fine sunday afternoon, which led me to watching tfios. I hadn’t got a chance to finish the movie because my sister was studying and being the mature one, I stopped the movie so that she could concentrate more.

Anyway, I haven’t finished the movie and I was still in the part where they were landing somewhere. The funny thing is, I started crying when Hazel was having a hard time breathing on her bed. Being the idiotic person that I am, I assumed she would die there. (Even though I watched the trailer a gazillion times) So I startee crying hysterically.

Well, I just wanted to share my first time watching tfios. It breaks my heart not knowing what happened next after they got off the plane.

Till next time, my little tomato heads, which is maybe later :)
Okay? Okay.


Dresst to impress

Okay, so I have these classmates who always dress to impress. I’m not against it but don’t you think they should just stop? I get it, when people looks at you for the first time and you look like a hobo, they’d be like ‘Bitch please, I dress better than you and I aint that rich.’ Then people dress to impress but some just overdo it. I seriously think that they should stop. It’s kinda irritating and annoying. I admit that I do it at times but I only do it to make a first impression on someone. I know what you think, maybe they want a first impression too, but hun, who wears clothes that are shorter than the average dress and heels that only Lady Gaga (no offense, I love her) would wear. I think they just do it for men to drool over them. Seriously though, they’re like Shrimps; they have nice bodies but their faces says otherwise. Dress to impress to make a first impression but what they’re doing is dress to unimpress.

Dress to impress, don’t dress to UNimpress. Bye lovies ;)


Bullies or bullshit?

Bullies are so annoying! I mean, what did I ever do to you? I don’t even talk to you and yet you find my misery very entertaining! Well, congratulations! You did a very good job at doing that. *Sigh* That’s high school for you. I’m actually an outcast. I don’t belong to a ‘group’ but I do have friends who stick by my side but bullies me from time to time. I don’t care though, atleast I have friends. Going back to the bullies, they just give me stress and say bullshit about me to other people. It bothers me alot but hey, they don’t really know a thing ‘bout me. They just know that I’m the fat and ugly girl whi goes to school and have fairl good grades and I’m fuckin sick of it all.

Call me crazy but I’m sick of the bullies and their bullshit. I’m thewhat-ifs and a newbee and that’s my story about my bullies.